The secret to COTURA’s premium Rejuvenating Hair & Scalp Therapy Shampoo is the synergy of ingredients that simultaneously cleanses and provides nourishing protection and restoration to the scalp and hair. Tea tree oil relieves dandruff and itchiness and heals damaged scalps. Lavender extract gently purifies and cleanses the hair and scalp and promotes cell renewal. Pycnogenol and ginkgo biloba provide unparalleled antioxidant power to protect and restore the hair and scalp from harmful environmental toxins and the aging process.


-Lavender cleans & purifies the scalp, enhances cell renewal and soothing aromatherapy relieves depression and stress

-Rosemary relieves stressed skin and accelerates hair growth

-Tea Tree Oil relieves dandruff & itchiness, acts as a natural antiseptic and accelerates healing of skin disorders

-Peppermint Oil enhances blood circulation in the scalp and enhances cell renewal

-Chamomile Flower Extract moisturizes the hair & scalp, restores balance to damaged hair & scalp and relieves sensitive, allergic and itchy scalp

-Borage Oil enhances skin strength, provides hydration to the scalp and hair and relieves inflammation in damaged cells

-Pinus Pinaster Bark (Pycnogenol) is a powerful antioxidant, anti-dandruff agent and absorbs ultraviolet light to protect the hair & scalp from the environment

-Evening Primrose Oil is a natural source of vitamin E and gamma linoleic acid, helps regenerate skin cells, acts as an incredible antioxidant and skin conditioning agent

-Ginkgo Biloba Leaf Extract is a powerful antioxidant and helps improve blood flow