This revolutionary cream is an advanced skin technology first — rejuvenating, hydrating, brightening, lightening, smoothing, calming, correcting, nourishing — quite simply, a miracle in a bottle. DiSalvo’s Illuminating Miracle Cream contains a proprietary and exclusive “cocktail” of broad-spectrum advanced skin care ingredients specifically and uniquely designed to deliver instant radiance, maximum moisture hydration and long-term healthy brightening. Skin is drenched in moisture as the cream illuminates, lightens and lifts. Pomegranate Ferment Extract, Yogurt Ferment, Lactic Acid, and Wild Yam Extract synergistically work together to diminish imperfections and dark spots, refine skin texture, and minimize the harmful effects of stress and environmental toxins; specially designed by the World’s #1 Skin and Hair Care Chemist to assist in reversing the negative and damaging effects of the aging process to bring about younger-looking, healthier and glowing skin. The beautiful texture of the miracle cream fuses with the skin for a naturally perfect, luminous result. Use Illuminating Miracle Cream day and night to improve elasticity, rejuvenate and leave your skin feeling ultra-soft, smooth, vibrant and immediately radiant.