Longevity Family,

I am Andy Hong, Global Executive Director of Longevity Network.

Since 1993, Longevity has worked lovingly and diligently to promote and increase the health, wealth and happiness of our family of distributors and the world. Longevity Korea is making a new history of success in partnership with Mr. Hwang Youngsu of South Korea, founding the first Global Longevity office in the Asian market. After many years of hard work, we are now ready to bring Longevity’s vision of health, wealth and happiness to the global market.

In 2014 we have the vision to expand Longevity to several locations in the Asian market such as China, Hong Kong, Vietnam, the Philippines and Singapore, where the headquarters of the global market will reside.

In 2011 the world dietary supplement market is $8.9 billion and is expected to be over $12 billion by 2016! Particularly in developing countries the growth rate is expected to maintain 12% until 2016 and it is expected that the world dietary supplement market will be led by these developing countries. This will create and explosive demand for high-quality, effective Longevity products!

We invite you to be part of this exciting opportunity to bring Longevity’s one-of-a-kind products to these emerging markets. We are looking for passionate partners who will walk with the Longevity vision in all Asian countries just like Mr. Hwang Youngsoo in South Korea. I know there are already many of you who love Longevity products in many Asian countries! Those of you who love the Longevity vision and lifestyle, who want to share the Longevity global vision can be take part in this amazing partnership.

We are excited to bring products to these new markets with each nation’s distribution structure in mind. If you are a Longevity global partner, you will not only have sole distributorship of your country, but also feel worthwhile having the same goal of Longevity’s vision, which is the pursuit of health, wealth and happiness for the whole world! It is our goal and passion to bring the most effective and prolific support system to our family of distributors.

I urge you to take time to explore the Longevity brand and see what the Longevity family is about. The greatest asset you can bring to our global vision is your passion and purpose. We are excited to work with you.

We consciously create our business structure based on family values. Longevity is a family business – come be part of our global family! There is nothing more powerful than people helping people. We hope to see all of you from all over the world as our global partners.







Andy Hong, Global Executive Director