Rehab1000 SPORTS MILD is a topical therapeutic cream specifically designed to provide instant and long-lasting relief from a broad spectrum of physical ailments causing short-term and chronic pain. The SPORTS MILD version of Rehab1000 contains less “heat” to suit athletes and individuals who prefer a less intense treatment. SPORTS MILD contains all of the powerful benefits of Rehab1000 ACTIVE HEAT. Rehab1000 is one of the key components to Longevity’s proven anti-pain solution that regular people can use anywhere and everywhere. Rehab1000 is safe and simple to use.

Rehab1000 proprietary formulation has been specially designed to work 12 to 24 hours after it has been topically applied. The exclusive ingredients intermittently keep giving heat to the specific location of pain so you know it’s working. With the advent of Rehab1000, Why live in pain when you don’t have to?